At the turn of the 20th century, vast prairielands in eastern Montana drew thousands of homesteaders eager to build a new life. But the hardscrabble earth proved miserly, most left as quickly as they came. A few brave souls persevered. These pioneers leaned into hard work, discovering new ways to survive and thrive in the harsh environment. Neighbors helping neighbors, respect, integrity, and knowing that your word is your bond became the unwritten code of the West. What distinguished these intrepid people was the ability to see beyond hardship to the enormous possibilities – and they knew one thing for certain:

Montana was never meant to be tamed. Montana is where you grow.

Grit. Authenticity. Minimalism.

Collaborative Design Architects was founded on the enduring values embedded in the character of the state’s early settlers. Like generations before, we lean into rigor, integrity, and ingenuity seeing beyond the challenges to deliver innovative design solutions.

Our team finds untapped inspiration in the region’s ruggedly beautiful prairie, a meld of authenticity and timelessness.

While our projects are diverse, one thing remains true. Every design stands the test of time. We call this philosophy:

Eastern Montana Modern